the challenge of staying fit during a florida summer

Here in Tampa, it feels like the summer season starts in April and lasts until November. Summers are the one thing I do not like about where I live. It's hot, it's humid, and it's guaranteed to rain almost every afternoon…right when you're leaving work. 

I'm not going to lie, I've been having a rough time adjusting my workouts to summer. I developed a good workout schedule back in December that mostly involved outdoor running and indoor Pure Barre classes. I love being outside of a gym; it's just so much more mentally stimulating than staring at a wall indoors. I love feeling the air as I run, and I love the camraderie that happens when I venture inside for Pure Barre.

may 2014 run

My last run was mid-May, during a freak cold front that left one Saturday morning in the 60s and with no humidity. I remember waking up just as the sun was rising to take advantage of this miracle. Almost every day since then it has been hot, humid, and rainy.

CMR before and after

Johnny and I did a Color Me Rad run during Memorial Day weekend. It was a lot of fun, but it also just reinforced why I can't exercise outside during summer here. My hands and feet swelled up like crazy as a reaction to the heat!

Pure barre

I also moved (kind of) far away from my Pure Barre studio in May. It now takes me an hour to get there, both from work and home. I'm still hoping to squeeze in a visit once in a while, but it doesn't work as a usual class anymore. Pure Barre is how I got through this exercise rut last summer.

I always struggle with the exercise part of getting fit. I start my days super early at work, but by the time I get home it's raining too much to get to the gym. By the time it stops raining it's dark and I'm ready to get to bed…or I have a school project to work on…or I'm finishing up something for work. The list can go on and on.

Afternoon storm severe

This past week I've discovered that if I treat a gym trip like a work appointment I'm less likely to skip it. Yeah, I'll choose to stay inside when the sky looks like pure death outside (see above), but overall I'm more likely to keep my word to myself. I mean, it looks pretty pathetic when someone blogging about getting fit refuses to go to the gym because its ________ (rainy, boring, insert your own excuse here).

Fall/winter/spring (yes, one season here) will be here before I know it, but in the meantime I need to step outside of my comfort level to take care of myself.

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