(small) goals for july

I like making goals. I don't always accomplish these goals, but I like knowing that I'm working towards something. Each month I set five (or so) small goals to help make that month special.

1. Finish strong. My last summer semester ends halfway throgh July. I can do this. No more slacking for the next two weeks. Papers and presentations and projects, oh my!

2. Make a frozen cocktail. I bought a new blender. I bought a new cocktail book. June was in my comfort zone, but the theme for July isn't. That spiked cinnamon coffee milkshake is shouting my name though.

3. Finish a non-school book. I'm so bad about getting halfway through a book and never picking it up again. I really should finish just one, maybe poolside with my frozen cocktail?

4. Get back in the gym. After school ends, though. I'm looking to try something outside of my standard Pure Barre and running combination.

5. Finish the website design track on Treehouse. I won a two-year subscription in 2012, so I should be using it, right? This is by far my favorite at-home learning platform for all things web. If you have the money, I highly recommend this company. Anyways, two years and I still haven't finished this track. Let's finish it this month.

PS: If anyone is interested in signing up for Treehouse, use this link. They have a great referral program and offer 50% off your first month if you sign up through a referral.

Do you give yourself goals to accomplish each month? What are they? How do you accomplish them?

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