progress (and a backstory)

It's time to get a little personal and know why fat girl needs to get fit again…

Last week I had my four-year appointment with my endocrinologist and got some good news. For the first time, my year-over-year thyroid hormone levels stayed in the healthy range. That means the only thing I have to worry about now is losing the weight I've gained since the great thyroid disaster of 2010. This is a huge deal for me.

162733_921829813551_6680366_n-2Left: November 2009 and over 200 pounds; Right: December 2010 and somewhere around 160 pounds (side note: apparently every picture of me during this time was at a Phi Sigma Pi event…)

My college friends who read this blog already know this story, but I'll share it anyways. During winter break 2009 I decided I was actually going to lose some weight. I went back and read old blog posts about this decision and I was so super serious about actually following through. And I did. I lost 50 pounds by March, which was kind of awesome until you hear what happened next. I lost so much weight because my thyroid started excreating excess thyroid hormone. If you don't know what you're thyroid does, please read this article. Your thyroid controls so much of your metabolism, body temperature, and growth functions. Basically, it's kind of a really important organ that no one ever talks about.

So, with an overactive thyroid my body's metabolism was in overdrive. Obviously I lost a lot of weight in a short period of time (50 pounds in 3.5 months), but because I was actively trying to lose weight I didn't give it a second thought. I didn't realize anything was wrong until spring break 2010, when I went into a thyroid storm and ended up in the ER. What a way to end spring break, right?

I made it through my final semester of college by supressing the overactive thyroid with nine pills of PTU and three to five beta blockers every. single. day. But I made it. And that summer I killed off my thyroid with a hefty dose of radioactive iodine and a week of isolation.

Do you know what happens when you have zero thyroid function? That is called hypothyroidism, and it becomes very easy to gain 80 pounds really, really fast because you have little to no metabolism regulation. And that happened. That massive weight gain wasn't completely due to the hypothyroidism, but it did play a huge role in the gain and it makes it very difficult to lose at a steady pace.

Today I'm on a good dosage of thyroid hormone replacements, and as I said earlier I had my first appointment where I stayed in the healthy range year over year. Four years later all I have to deal with is taking my thyroid pill every morning and losing the 80-something pounds I've put on since the Great Thyroid Disaster of 2010.


And now you know that backstory to Fat Girl Gets Fit. I'm just someone looking to get back to a healthy weight…whatever that is.

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