monthly goals: august

August goals

Before we get to August, let's recap July.

Finish strong. I felt like I really put my all into those final weeks of school. I finished with a solid A+ and a B. The B hurts a lot because I know I finished strong, but maybe I could have done more earlier. Another school lesson learned.
Make a frozen cocktail. I pulled this out at the last minute: a vanilla vodka frappuchino.
Finish a non-school book. No, but I'm really close…
Get back in the gym. See yesterday's post.
Finish the web design track on Treehouse. This didn't happen, not even close.

3.5 out of five completed isn't that bad.

Now for August…

Finish two non-school books. Not including the one I'm a couple of chapters away from finishing currently.
Focus on hitting my macros. Specifically, I want to focus on increasing my protein intake, since I miss that one on a near daily basis.
Perfect my mojito. It also happens to fall into the liquor of the month for August: rum.
Enjoy the final days of break. Let's be real, fall semester is going to be rough and it's going to be non-stop until the final presentation on December 9th. I want to relax and enjoy my time while I can.
Rediscover my garden. We've had a few hiccups lately that have turned me off of my container garden, but I want to rediscover my passion for gardening. I also want to plan out my fall plants and get those ready to go in September.

Do you have any goals you want to accomplish in August?

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