august garden update

August has been rough for our little patio garden. The heat has been getting to many of the plants, but we've managed to keep many alive for the good growing season in this part of Florida.

Garden shot Herb table


The bell pepper plant is still a jungle, and our eggplant is growing like crazy again. That's a new mint plant after our last one suddenly died one morning, and it's been growing like crazy too. The purple basil has been struggling in the heat and may have a funeral soon. We also lost of lavendar when it couldn't handle a long stretch of extremely rainy and humid weather.

Zucchini Swiss chard Tomatoes

It took a while, but the zucchini finally started growing. Our summer squash (not pictured) isn't fairing so well and may be another summer heat casualty. The swiss chard is getting stronger. One branch can hold itself up now! This is my third attempt at tomatoes. The previous plants were drowned in a huge storm that came through when I was at work and unable to pull the pot closer to the back of the patio.

Crepe myrtle

Johnny's crepe myrtle plant has been the superstar this month. He got one branch from work in a giveaway that has halfway dead. We've managed to baby it enough to get it this large. I wish we could get it in the ground, but we can only do so much right now. Any suggestions on what to do with a fast-growing crepe myrtle in an apartment?

Bellpepper1 Bellpepper2

The leaves on the bell pepper suffered a little burn with a homemade insecticide soap this month. The chili pepper plant is also having the same problem. Both peppers continue to produce flowers, but no peppers. I wouldn't be surprised if it's just too hot for them to be producing right now. At least they are alive and healthy enough to produce the blossoms.


Our eggplant gave us a scare at the beginning of the month. We moved it to a larger pot and it didn't take to it's new environment too well. We lost about 50% of its leaves and it didn't produce any flowers for a couple of weeks. All of the sudden it started growing and producing again, with no changes on our part. I guess it just needed a couple of weeks to adjust. We haven't had an eggplant form since it started growing again, but I bet this is another thing we can chalk up to the heat.

We're also growing sunflowers and trying to grow garlic (with no luck). I also have green onions growing on the counter inside for a quick garnish.

August is a brutal month in Florida, so our main goal has been keeping everything alive. Between the intense heat and crazy storms, there is no telling what I'll come home to on any given day. Lately I've been running a delicate balancing act between getting the containers close enough to the screen to make the most of the sunlight we have while keeping them far enough away from the screen to avoid getting drowned out by pop-up thunderstorms.

September kicks off the growing season in our area, so hopefully the plants will start producing again. If anything, this month has taught me to have patience with plants. They'll do what they want to do when the weather is ideal again.

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