farewell to summer + a salad

Summer is unofficially coming to an end at our house. Johnny goes back to classes tomorrow, and I'm back on campus on Tuesday. It's been a crazy end to the summer for us. Last weekend we saw the All-American Rejects and went to Diagon Alley. Yesterday we celebrated Johnny's birthday. Today, all is quiet as we spend our last day of peace relaxing with pre-season football and pre-class reading assignments.

This is easily one of my favorite weekends of the year. New classes are starting, college football is almost here, and Premier League is back on (and so is my streak of kicking ass in fantasy Premier League). I'm already buying pumpkin beer and pumpkin lattes here and there. We're all anxiously waiting for these near 100 degree days to disappear suddenly (so, so close). Before you know it, we'll be wearing sweaters and spending nights doing homework at Starbucks again. End of summer, you bring so much hope and change.

farewell to summer salad: kale chicken caesar

Kale chicken caesar salad

makes 2ish servings

  • 2 slices whole wheat bread
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • herbs de provence
  • 1 bunch red kale
  • skinless, boneless chicken (my package was around 3/4 pound)
  • 1/2 cup chopped red onion
  • fresh grated parmesan
  • caesar dressing of choice (I used Ken's light option)

Start by tearing the bread slices into bite size pieces. Toss in the olive oil and herbs de province and bake at 350 degrees until crunchy. In the meantime, tear up the kale and chop up the onion. Season the chicken breasts with salt and pepper and cook in whatever manner you want (I grilled on my Foreman grill). Cut up the chicken and toss with kale. Top your salad with the croutons, parmesan, and caesar dressing. 

An easy way to end the summer….

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