goals for september

Goals for septemberUSF won its first game since mid-October 2013

Summer is done; it's time to get back to business around here. My August goals went out the door in favor of having fun (Diagon Alley, food tastings, football games…). So, for an August recap, I did not reach any goal, but I did have a lot of fun instead.

September brings back my more structured life, but it's always a rough adjustment this month. My goals this month are to make the transition easier

goals for september

  • No slacking. I'm notorious for not wanting to do my reading and homework in September, but I can't do that this semester. Capstone is already in high-gear, and I have an actual midterm at the end of the month in my other class. No slacking for me.
  • Cook a real meal at least three times a week. I only have class two nights a week, but many other nights I'm busy working late or trying to get some reading in. But to maintain weight, I need to eat real food that I make at home. It can be as easy as chicken burgers or a spinach salad, but it's made at home and (somewhat) nutritious.
  • Don't feel guilty about not losing weight. As long as I maintain, it'll all be good.
  • Attend all USF home games this month. I have to do something fun…
  • Don't go overboard on the PSL. It's still 90+ degrees outside. Twice a week is fine.

Happy start of the best season ever!

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