staying inspired and motivated


I've been in a funk for the last month. I'm just not inspired by anything lately. All I want to do is sit around and watch tv and eat pizza. That's not good for someone who has committed to two or three (or more) blog posts a week.

I've been making it a priority to do things that will help keep me inspired.

  • Finding new blogs, especially for food. I've found a lot thanks to my research on the Whole30 program.
  • Research new ways of eating. This is where Whole30 may come in. Doing something like this would make me think outside the box with my meals and spice things up a bit…and provide you guys with fun new recipes.
  • Pinterest. It's not just for procrastinating…
  • New exercise. I feel so weird taking pictures while I'm at the gym, and being completely honest, I haven't been to the gym in about a month thanks to a nasty round of plantar fasciitis. So I ordered some new dvds during a 3am infomercial (I don't recommend taking that route, but whatever works, right?)
  • Get crafty, or at least try. It helps break up the monotony of a typical day.
  • Read new books. Sometimes reading something new will spark a new idea for you to use.
  • Make some goals. My September goals are designed to help me get out of this funk. Sometimes structure helps a lot.

Luckily, fall and winter is where I thrive the most creatively. This funk should be going away soon and you'll be seeing more on this blog.

What do you do to stay engaged and inspired with your work?

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