halfway through september

Photo Sep 15, 8 29 45 PM

How is it already September 16th? I swear yesterday was Labor Day. We've done so much. I feel like I'm much further into the semester than I actually am. We've made it to two football games in a row (I have the tan lines to prove it). Fall TV shows are coming back now, pumpkin is invading our lives more and more, and I swear there was a dip in the humidity this weekend (finally). Folks, I think we might be transitioning into the Florida fall season.

But there's still so much I want to accomplish during this transition month. The next 14 days will be full of fun and work and everything:

  • Finish one non-school book
  • Finish up a situation analysis and a SWOT analysis
  • Cook more meals
  • Finish up my USF football streak of home games
  • Go to a friend's engagement party
  • Take a (real) midterm
  • Find the perfect Florida fall sweater
  • Figure out what mixes well with that bottle of English toffee moonshine (so far, diet Dr. Pepper)

I have a feeling I'll be drinking a lot of coffee the rest of the month to keep up with everything. It's the curse of those of us who make lists and must pursue to stay happy.

PS: Yes, that's another new book

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