a typical day of eating

I've been asked before what a typical day of eating looks like for me, so I'm sharing with you today.

A note: I'm a huge creature of habit and tend to cling to the same three meals with little variation



This is usually one of three options: 2 eggs scrambled (with various additions), 2 waffles (whole wheat) with nut butter and berries, or a protein bar (preferably Quest). I also have 1 cup of cold brewed iced coffee with 1 cup of unsweetend almond milk and a squeeze of agave almost every morning. 

morning snack

I try to pack fruit to eat here, usually an apple or some cherries. Sometimes I'll grab a latte instead, especially if my iced coffee didn't wake me up. 


Lunch peaches and prosciutto

This is usually whatever we had for dinner the night before. I like simple lunches that take zero time to make in the morning. If I don't have leftovers I'll make an egg burrito and freeze it or a quick kale salad with quinoa. However, if I'm going out for lunch all bets are off. The picture above is leftover prosciutto-wrapped peaches from Nom Nom Paleo.


Dinner kale and pork

This is probably where you'll see the most variation in my food choices. Lately I've been favoring kale or spinach salads with quinoa and grilled meat. I can always have this on the table in under 30 minutes. About once a week we do burgers, and homemade pizza is becoming a near weekly occurance as well. If I'm in a pinch and have nothing defrosted, I'll make lentil tacos (because I always have tortillas and cheese) or a three-bean chili. The main goal here is something easy and quick, because I'm nearing hangry mode at this time of day. Above I have a kale salad with parmesan cheese and a bacon-wrapped pork chop.

evening snack

I don't always eat after dinner, but I do love a small bowl of vanilla ice cream or a gin and tonic.

Like I said, I'm a creature of habit. Once I find something that I like and is easy to make I tend to make it a lot. I switch things up by using different mix-ins or dressings or seasonings, but usually each week looks similar in food.

Do you have any go-to meals you eat on a weekly basis?

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