25 secrets

Sarah loves mornings

As much of a football fan as I am, I only own two USF shirts (that I didn't get for free from a club) and zero Bucs shirts.

I really want to live in a snowy place for a few years, but I don't know if I can make it without flip flops.

I am that person who brings a kale salad to a tailgate potluck at work. And that salad was the first thing that people went for…

I kind of regret going for this second MS degree. One extra year didn't sound like too much, but it really has felt like a lifetime.

Going for a BS in math sounds ridiculous, but it might be on the backburner while I decide between economics or marketing.

If being an academic isn't in the cards, I want to flex my creative side and freelance for my career. Office life doesn't suit me, at least right now.

I'm taking a day off of work to attend my last pep rally as a student next month.

My biggest pet peeve is when people say they're "too busy" to do something. If you're going to say something like that, think about who you're saying it to.

The color I wear the most is blue, but only because it looks good on me and matches almost everything.

My favorite color, purple, looks hideous on me.

I wear a cardigan every. single. day. I have to at work because of some large arm tattoos, but now I feel weird anytime I'm not wearing a cardigan.

I cover my tattoos a lot because I'm sick of the looks some people give me when I'm out. I've been called a criminal and a stoner, but people have no idea…

I think I'm too selfish to ever have children. But I want to have a child before I'm 35.

I'm too independent for my own good sometimes. But I also hate going too long without Johnny around. 

I just started using evernote to try to stay more organized for school, but I still prefer my old-school post-it note system of planning.

I'm not a fan of sunshine. I really love a good rainy day.

I'm always cold, thanks to my lack of a thyroid.

Because I'm always cold, I get to enjoy wearing oversized sweaters even in the summer (at home)

I get so self-conscious exercising in front of people, especially Johnny. Trying to do yoga or run with someone watching totally takes me out of my mindset.

I drive like a total asshole.

I apparently cannot grow tomatoes from seeds. Three tries and no tomatoes, so I just bought a plant (or two).

Florida is growing on me more and more each day, but I still want to live somewhere else for at least 5 years of my adult life just to experience something different.

I didn't like beer until I was out of college.

I have about 10 books lined up to read after graduation because the thought of not having anything to do scares me.

Speaking of graduation, I have a countdown in my planner. We're under 80 days now.

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