goals for october

Goals for october

Was it just me, or did September go by way too fast? Seriously, I feel like yesterday was Labor Day.

I hit the majority of my goals last month, only missing my USF game goal thanks to a massive monsoon during the last home game of the month. Bummer, but I definitely preferred watching the game at home and drinking my fancy (and cheaper than the stadium) beer.

Now that I'm my routine, I'm ready to tackle more this month.

Do yoga every day. I would like to say for 10 minutes a day, but even a 5 pose sequence is a good start for me.
Read one non-school book. It helps keep me sane.
Spend 30 minutes outside on nights I don't have class. I've spent all summer working on my patio, and it's finally time to use it.
Eat breakfast at home every morning. It's always better than buying something, but so difficult to do so early in the morning.
Make waffles from scratch one morning. It sounds so simple, but it isn't always.

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