i’m a type A introvert

This post is brought to you by stressed-induced TMJ pain, its related painkillers and muscle relaxers, and the 13 school project-related emails I received last night (or this morning, I can't tell). 


I'm a huge introvert, but sometimes you can't tell. I can be loud and crazy and sometimes I actually like people. I also have somewhat of a Type A personality, especially when it comes to school. I'm a stone-cold perfectionist who kindly (and silently) screams at you when you do something wrong. This tends to lead to extreme amounts of stress because I reach the point where I just do everything because no one else can be trusted to do their work properly.

Because I'm an introvert, I'd rather just do everything myself once my group fails me. But my Type A-ness also means that I require perfection. It's a lose-lose situation that only harms me in the end. But this paradox is who I am.

How do you handle group stress? Are you an introvert or extrovert? Type A personality?

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