a rant about being a millenial


I'm an avid NPR reader/listener, and I was excited when NPR announced that they would be doing a "special look" at millenials, the generation I fall squarely into. Article and article, NPR has decided to feature millenials who are highly educated, yet seem to be struggling with life post-college. I finally had enough on Tuesday when they posted an article about why millenials and their parents allow them to move back home. Some people have legit reasons to be back home, but others sound like every sterotype I've seen: entitled and lazy.

You guys, I was upset enough to post a comment.

I'm just over all of this "All millenials are entitled and lazy" crap. Outlets like NPR are choosing to portray this giant group through people who do not represent our lives. There will always be people who are not willing to put in the effort needed to succeed, but for each one of those there are dozens of us who do put in the effort. I want us to be recognized. Maybe I'm being too optimistic, but if the hard work and successes get recognized that little sterotype might go away.

I can't believe an NPR article got me this upset, but I had to say something. I know I'm not a minority here, and we just want the outlets to write just one article about the millenials who followed the "rules" of life and are just fine today.

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