10 things i would miss about the tampa bay area


I believe that you never really enjoy where you live if you can't name 10 things you would miss about it. After 20 years in this place, I think I can name 10.

1. Flip-flops year-round. There are maybe 10 days I year I can't wear flip flops here, and you can bet I at least try during those 10 days.

2. Palm trees everywhere. It's really all I know.

3. The 6th floor of the Crescent Hill Parking Garage at USF. After 20 semesters on campus, I could write a book about what I would miss about USF. I grew up on that campus. This is where I shed many tears and had many revelations.

4. The tesla coils at Lightning games. Because what other team creates actual lightning at their hockey games?

5. Morning drives on the REL portion of the Crosstown. This is the closest to the Autobahn you'll get around here. 80 mph every morning.

6. Publix. Specifically the Carollwood Village, Tampa Palms, and Winthrop Publixes.

7. USF football games. We're terrible, but I never regret going (even those deadly 3:30 games in September).

8. Florida Santa decorations. Santa and palm trees make perfect sense to me.

9. The fact that I can complain that $1000 rent is too much. Because this is Tampa, not NYC.

10. Summer afternoon downpours. As long as I'm not driving, I'm fine.

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