how to make any breakfast fancy

I've been in a breakfast rut. Scambled eggs and toast is just dull now. I was shopping at Fresh Market this weekend to help give me inspiration when I ran across a package of smoked salmon. You can find smoked salmon at any major grocer, and it is definitely worth the price if you're a huge salmon fan like me. It's an instant breakfast upgrade!

Photo Dec 09, 6 53 26 AM

You can add it to an everything bagel with cream cheese (above), you can have it on the side of scrambled eggs, you can top avocado toast with it. If you're feeling extra fancy, you can poach an egg and eat the two on an english muffin (an almost benedict). If you want to expand outside of breakfast, you can eat smoked salmon with cripsy potato cakes or make homemade sushi. Pinterest is loaded with ideas for this awesome and versatile food.

This was such a great purchase, and I think I'm going to always have a package on hand.

What's your instant breakfast upgrade?

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