currently: january

Photo Jan 08, 1 34 09 PM

I get to type this out right before posting in a Starbucks. I'm pricing for cost of living this week, which means late starts, a lot of driving, and working from coffee shops at times. I can't complain; this is a situation I thrive in.

feeling strangely relaxed these days

wishing I could do this every day

waking up early again

seriously obsessed with reading for pleasure again

eating home-cooked food for every meal again

drinking tall flat whites with an extra shot

enjoying our short "polar vortex"

listening to classics from the 1940s and Mississippi Delta blues lately

planning a trip to Oxford, Mississippi in the fall

looking ahead to studying for the GRE (seriously, I'm dying to know if I can get a score good enough for a PhD program)

loving coming home every day

cooking so much fish…tuna, salmon, tilapia, shrimp

appreciating living in Florida so much more right now. It's only 46*, and I'm in a 3/4 sleeve shirt and flip flops in January

thinking about the possibility of buying a house in the near(er) future

looking for a project to stick with me

wondering how much vinyl I can get today with my limited vinyl fund

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