i took a break

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I needed a break. I don't really know from what, but I needed a few months to not think about things. I think it was the hangover from finishing four years of grad school, but for the last few months I needed to just live and not think about what was next. I've watched countless hours of Netflix, made semi-edible food concoctions, kept a tomato plant alive, finished exactly one book, and just lived in the moment. It didn't feel great, honestly. I thrive on doing stuff, and not doing stuff really killed my motivation to start new stuff. 

I'm ready to be back. I miss this. It might take a few weeks to really get back in the swing of things, but I'm happy to be writing content and taking pictures again.

In the meantime, what has happened since January?

  • The biggest thing that happened was getting surgery to fix my ongoing breathing issues. I'm someone who has constant sinus problems, and I haven't been able to breathe through my right nostril since last spring. I'm still in the healing process, but I'm already breathing through my nose without using sprays.
  • I found out that I get to spend a week in Portland, OR in June. I'm going for an economic researcher conference, but I have enough to free time to explore downtown PDX while I'm there.
  • In a weird twist, I might be going back to school to finish my urban planning degree. That's a longer story that requires a separate post, though.
  • I kicked my caffeine habit finally. I still enjoy the occasional latte, but I'm not guzzling Monsters every morning anymore. My wallet thanks me.
  • Johnny is getting closer to graduating, which means we can start thinking about next moves soon.
  • I picked up knitting, then stopped knitting, then picked it up again. This scarf will be done by winter…
  • I've spent countless hours wandering the Super Target by us to kill time.
  • I've worked a lot.
  • I'm reading real books again! I'm still not a fan of fiction though.
  • I bought a DSLR after Christmas! Then I stopped posting, so you never really got to see it. I'm still learning my way around it.
  • Johnny and I had our first real vacation…a weekend in Orlando. It was so nice to be away from stuff for a couple days.

It's been nice being away, but I'm ready to jump back into this blog at full force again.