overcoming post-graduation paralysis


When I graduated in December, I made all of these grand plans for my newly found free time. I was going to run everywhere, cook up a storm, save all the money, and generally work on this blog. None of that happened. Instead, I chose to sit in front of the tv and binge on Netflix. I really did nothing productive for my first four months. I needed that, but I took it to an extreme. I was paralyzed. I've been working towards huge goals my whole life (usually of the graduation persuasion), and I didn't know how to handle not having that. I shut down.

I have to work harder now to fill my time and feel fulfilled with what I'm doing. I wasn't expecting that. I expected my time to just fill up like it always had, no effort needed. And it's amazing how easy it is to fall into this trap of doing nothing. It's almost like an endless cycle until you make the effort to break it.

I've finally started that effort. I'm finally comfortable trying new hobbies. I'm picking back up old hobbies (see: me posting again). I'm searching for things outside of my (very small) comfort zone to make me happy, and I'm finding things. It just takes trying new things to get out of that paralysis. I'm done wasting my time.


PS: I have a backlog of posts ready to go very, very soon. I'm in the middle of a redesign and don't want to post anything picture-heavy until I know my new dimensions.

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