my first knitting project

Photo Apr 29, 7 37 32 PM

I decided to pick up some yarn and knitting needles a few months ago on a whim. I didn't know what I wanted out of this impromptu purchase, but I was watching a lot of Netflix and wanted to feel like I was being a little more productive than I really was. Enter knitting…

Photo Apr 30, 8 12 28 PM

This is technically my second project, but it was the first one I finished. It's nothing fancy. It started as a swatch to practice my purl stitch and ended up being large enough to be a potholder/thing I use when my bowl of soup is waaaaay too hot to handle. I used size 8 needles and cast on 24 stitches of this random yellow yarn I found on clearance. I did four rows of garter stitch before switching to a k2p2 pattern and finishing on another four rows of garter stitch. I didn't get ribbing because the amount I cast on was off for that pattern. I was adding stitches at some points and I lost count more than a few times. It's not perfect, but it is the first thing I've finished since school ended. 

The practice I got on this project really helped. I now know two different stitches and how to cast off. I also understand what I need to do to get a basic ribbing pattern. But more than just practice, this project is the first thing I've completely follow-throughed on in 2015. It's so cool to use something that I created, no matter how basic it may be. I created this, and that was the kickstart I needed

Photo May 02, 9 00 14 PM

What was your first breakthrough on a new hobby or project? Do you have any tips for the beginning knitter? I still have a scarf that's sitting on my table to finish, so any tips are created appreciated.

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