knitting a blanket

Let’s continue the crafty theme this week…

I caught the knitting bug big time after finishing my little potholder. I started and finished knitting a small lap blanket in under a week for Mother’s Day. I had the yarn and needles, but I suddenly had the crazy idea to get this one done in a tight time frame. It reminded me of how I used to put off huge research papers and cranked out my best work in under a week.

Really, though, this blanket can be done in 2-4 hours if you go with no major breaks. However, I only had a couple of hours after work to get this done, usually during hockey games (GO BOLTS!). The massive size of the yarn (Lion Brand quickie yarn in Salty) and the size 50 needles made this a breeze. It’s a really great project for a beginner who knows how to k2p2. 

My blanket was based off of the Loopy Mango Nantucket Blanket pattern. I pretty much followed it to a T, minus the yarn. I knitted until I felt like it was a good length. I didn’t fix the few major mistakes you can see because I liked the personality they brought. 

This was another win in the follow-through department for me. Not only did I finish a blanket, but I finished a blanket that was meant as a gift in under a week. I am totally still capable of finishing big projects. Knitting has become more than something to keep my hands busy. It has helped me regain all of that motivation I lost once my big life project wrapped up.

Has doing something crazy (like knitting a blanket) ever helped you find or regain anything in your life? I feel like its such a good medium to help in these weird moments we all have, and I want to hear your stories.

2 thoughts on “knitting a blanket

  1. I’m inspired… Hitting Michael’s today for needles and yarn… excited to try it tonight!! Thanks for the tips today… Will keep you posted!


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