Creativity books

I'm heading out to Portland, OR for an economic and community researchers conference this week. I haven't lined up anything regular for posts this week and I may be slow to respond to comments. 

See you guys next Monday!

feeling so excited about my trip this week, but sad to leave Johnny for so long

wishing that Portland wasn't in the middle of a heat wave this week. I'm leaving 90* temperatures, so I really do not want to face the same when I get all the way to Oregon

seriously obsessed with outlining e-course content

reading Creative Confidence and The Creative Habit. Next up: Show Your Work and Creative Block

eating not so good again. I need to start cooking at home more when I get back. Bonus: content fodder

drinking a terribly sugary frappuchino creation because I can

enjoying one more day off at home before leaving

listening to all the creative entrepreneur podcasts (ask me for recommendations if you're interested)

planning out all of my free time tomorrow afternoon and Wednesday morning like a crazy person (Powell's, Voodoo Doughnuts, Stumptown Roasters, all the hipster restaurants!)

looking ahead to later this month for certain reasons

loving our new couch and recliner so, so much

cooking not so much. Maybe tacos tonight? #lazy

appreciating how loving Johnny is and how patient he is dealing with the conference trip

thinking about spending my day off knocking out future posts

looking for a cheap place to print 200+ pictures (mostly 4X6, but some 4X4 too)

wondering how tonight's hockey game will go

watching all the people at Starbucks on a Monday morning. How are this many people here? It's a work day (says the girl who took the day off and is here)

celebrating one year on the blog

One thought on “currently

  1. FreePrints app for cheap reprints. $9.99 for 85 “free” prints each month. Still lower than the lowest prices CVS and Walgreens offers during their sales.


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