july reading list


Reading for pleasure is something I looked forward to all of grad school. I couldn't wait to dive into my stacks and stacks of books, everything from All of the Light We Cannot See to A Year Without Pants to Station Eleven to Yes, Please (no, I still haven't finished it). I was going to tear through book after book, catching up on years of reading.

Yeah…that didn't happen. I've finished two books in six months. I read for pleasure more in my last semester of grad school than I have since graduating. I blame Netflix. Ask me how many shows I've watched since December 13th.

I've decided to create a reading list for each month. I'm giving myself three options, and the goal is to finish two. At the beginning of the next month, I'll publish my reviews and list my options for that month. I'll get through my stash of unread books (my splurge in life) and maybe even get to the point where I can actually use my library card without feeling guilty. And I'll feel super productive if I manage to finish all three in one month.

Feel free to follow along with reading the books. It'll be like an informal book club! 

For July, I'm looking at these three books:

  1. Finish Yes, Please (I'm only two chapters in)
  2. Finish Animal, Vegetable, Miracle (I'm a third of the way through it)
  3. Station Eleven

Have you read any of these books? What am I in store for? Let me know in the comments!

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