my favorite breakfast sandwich


When I'm not eating black beans and sweet potatoes, I'm usually eating this for breakfast. I did a round of Fit Girl's Guide 28 Day Jumpstart during March and fell in love with this sandwich! It's super easy and quick to make, and it keeps me full all morning (which is a tough feat).

This is my version of their McFitMuffin.

guac and fried egg breakfast sandwich

1 english muffin (I use Thomas' whole grain)
1/4 teaspoon butter
1 egg
1 slice harvarti cheese or other white cheese of choice
1 tablespoon spicy guacamole (I use a pre-packaged brand from Target for convenience) or 2 slices avocado + red pepper flakes to taste

Cut and toast your english muffin. While that is toasting, melt your butter and fry your egg. Pro tip: cover your pan while your egg cooks to cook the top faster. Assemble the cheese, guacamole, and egg on your english muffin and enjoy! Keep a napkin close by! This can get a little messy.

PS: Looking for other breakfast ideas? Check out my sweet potato and black bean bowl or how to make every breakfast feel fancy.

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