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So, this wasn't supposed to be the post that goes up today. I started a new day job this week, and I never got around to a very important part of that post during the transition. Thankfully we have a three-day weekend, so I have more than enough time to sit down and get it done.

around here We're amazed that the year is halfway over already. Normally I would be in a panic because I haven't done anything big, but I'm extremely content with 2015 so far. I feel much more fulfilled than I did during the first few months, and I'm really not doing anything crazy. I have some plans for the next six months, but I would be fine if this year was my chill year.


around here… Johnny has been working on a blog of his own: The Glasshopper. He's writing beer and bar reviews. Go check him out and tell him "Hi!" while you're over there. He'd really appreciate it.


around here I'm stepping up my cooking game again. I *finally* learned how to poach an egg! That's a big deal win for me. Poaching seemed sooooo intimidating, and it was one of the easiest things ever. Now if only I could master the omelet flip…


around here… I'm really looking forward to a long weekend of reading and knitting and writing. It'll be nice to have a small break before everything gets real next week at work. I have some catching up to do with Project Life, I have a new scarf I'm working on, and I have my reading list set for the month. The Women's World Cup final is also on this weekend. Let's start July off on an amazing note!

What's going on with you lately? Let's talk in the comments!

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