St petersburg museum of fine artsThis guy is from the Central American art collection at the St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts. We went out there last weekend for a friend's birthday and made a day of it. Isn't he so cool?!

feeling so sticky all the time. Thanks for that, humidity.

wishing that summer wasn't so long and so hot this year. Can you believe that it's been 90 degrees almost every day since early March?

seriously obsessed with finding new ways to cook eggs.

reading books from my July book list. Slowly…

eating half Whole30, half normally for now.

drinking blueberry sparking water like it's going out of style.

enjoying getting home so early. I'm home before 5pm most days and it's glorious.

listening to interesting playlists that Apple Music recommends for me. Thanks for the one where Trent Reznor was the producer!

planning to get some e-course and freebie e-book stuff done this week.

looking ahead to fall already. I'm ready for some cool weather…and PSLs galore.

loving all the summer fruits on sale. Muddled peach + ginger beer? Seriously amazing.

cooking meat + veggies + spices + fat + sauce. It's the new formula.

appreciating having a working air conditioner again.

thinking about all the plans.

looking for motivation outside of work.

watching not much of anything. Masterchef is the only thing on during the summer, and I've exhausted my Netflix cue again.

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