how we do burgers: the 2015 edition

Chicken burgers and sweet potato fries

Last summer, I posted a burger tutorial, and I wanted to come back this summer and update it. Burgers are a summer staple for us. It takes minutes to season the meat, form the patties, and get them on our Foreman Grill.

We're alternating between turkey and chicken most of the time. Ground beef is just so expensive, so I hardly buy it. My go-to seasoning blend has been salt, pepper, garlic powder, and paprika. It's pretty basic flavoring, but it goes with everything. The burgers take 4-6 minutes on medium high heat, and I usually have two batches to cook up. Lately, I've been a fan of harvarti or provolone cheese, kale, and chipotle mayo as toppings. I'll also throw on an avocado slice or two when I have them around. We're still favoring the Pepperidge Farms whole wheat buns, but I'm looking forward to experimenting with eggplant or sweet potato buns during my Whole30.

Sometimes I'll get ambitious and try to make sweet potato fries to go with the burgers. I've been using this tutorial from A Beautiful Mess, but I've yet to get a good crunch on my fries. I think I'm overcrowding the crowding the pan still. I'd love to try grilled sweet potato fries one day when it's not raining when I'm making dinner and the community grill is free. Good luck with that…

Man, I love a good burger. How about you? What toppings do you love? Let me know in the comments!

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