the internet is awesome / 1

Weekend link 1

Today (and hopefully every Saturday) I'm highlighting cool things that the internet has provided to us recently.

This cartogram map of the US by property values is my new favorite obsession — the distortion effect is mind-boggling here.

Also from CityLab — Melbourne, Australia launched email addresses for its trees (yes, you read that right), and the results are fantastic to read.

I was hoping to grab a pressure cooker during Prime Day (ugh) to crack this secret to ribs.

Oh Pluto, you are so amazing to see.

It would also be a very long road trip to visit Pluto.

I'm super excited to get this and try it out in our big planter. Maybe we can crack the secret to growing in a Florida summer.

I wholeheartedly agree with this. Sometimes I really do need that third day to feel caught up in my personal life.

And this hits home as we work towards saving up a down payment. Yes, the rent is too damn high.

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