how to conduct a blog audit

Conducting a blog audit

Blog audit sounds scary, doesn’t it? It really isn’t. A blog audit is all about discovering your strengths and assets during a period of time, like over the last year. Blog audits are a handy way to discover what has been working, what isn’t working, and finding where you have room to improve and grow. I see blogging, even if personal, as a business, and I wouldn’t go into a business strategy session without having an idea of where the business is succeeding or where it can improve. Blog audits allow you to create your roadmap to success. Once you discover your strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities during a blog audit, you’re able to create well-informed plans for your next steps.

Blog audits involve three major steps: 

  • A content audit,
  • A layout audit, and
  • A SEO and accessibility audit

Once you go through those major buckets, you can tie everything together in a lovely SWOT matrix (a favorite of every marketing student).

I like to go through a blog audit once a year to see what has been performing well, what hasn’t, and to discover old content that has showed some staying power. My last blog audit showed that past posts on blogging and small business kept people this blog twice as long as anything else, so I started writing weekly pieces on those topics. As a result of that and some other tweaks, my readership grew by 30% and time spent on my page went up by one minute (quite a feat when your posts are usually under 500 words each). Examining and tweaking my SEO strategy has also paid off. During the first year of Sunshine & Mint, I had two click-throughs from Google searches (seriously). In the last month, I’ve had close to 100. It really does pay off to audit yourself once in a while.

Going through the steps of a blog audit is a little to long for my typical blog post, but I have a workbook out that goes through each step in detail. If you’re willing to invest the time into going through you’re own blog audit, I have the roadmap for you to follow along the way

If you’re interested in learning how to conduct your own blog audit, sign up below for access to my free workbook. You’ll also get monthly content exclusive to workbook users about next steps to creating a business plan for your blog.

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If you’re stuck on figuring out what comes next, I hope this is a major help to you. If you have any questions about the workbook, blog audits, or next steps, please reach out to me or you can leave a comment below.

8 thoughts on “how to conduct a blog audit

  1. Hey Sarah, great post. Glad to see all the growth you’ve experienced in the last year. Good for you!!!As always, very well written work by you.
    Kellie from Princess and the Yard Ape via Daring Creatives.


  2. Sarah, Great idea + how wonderful to see that it paid off so well for you! I have over 330 posts from my last blog (before I moved to Squarespace) so that is a lot to review! I think I started at one point but I don’t have the dedicated time to focus on it currently. Luckily, since I have quite a few posts from my old blog that I plan to update + reuse on the new site, it will set me on the course for a “semi-passive” blog audit. I hope. ;)Bookmarking your post for later reference. Thanks!


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