Omg you guys it's blue sky!

feeling so over this summer. Get your act together, Florida! You're either waaaaaay too hot or all you do is rain and flood everything. #bringbackthesun

excited that football is back on, even if it's only preseason NFL and not college football

seriously obsessed with house-hunting again. Those townhouses two miles down the road look like really nice options 😉

totally loving this post about being "busy"

reading every single book that isn't on my reading list this month. At least I'm reading…?

eating normally again. Whole30 was interesting, and I'll have some more thoughts on it next week. I didn't make the whole 30 days this time, but it was a great experience and a great kickstart for what's coming next.

drinking so much sparkling water, still. Goodbye, diet soda…

enjoying getting shit done, one thing at a time.

listening to all the podcasts

looking ahead to next month and the (unofficial) start of fall. Football! Pumpkin spice everything! Trying to pull of scarves when it's still 90 degrees outside!

missing all of the summer produce already. What do you mean zucchini is $4 a package now?!

cooking meat + veggies still.

planning out our garden selections for our growing season in a few months

thinking about my potential thesis topic already. If I'm doing this fast, I need to be prepared.

looking for the perfect duvet cover for bed.

researching other types of patio gardens and how we can use our space more efficiently…and how to keep plants alive when the sun doesn't shine for days on end.

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