friday rambling

Going back to grad school

There was supposed to be a post about wearing my Fitbit again up here today, but sometimes I just need to ramble.

I start classes (or, rather, a class) again on Monday to finish my first Master's degree, which just sounds crazy. I spent four years toiling through grad school, just to take nine months off and end up there again. It's the definition of insanity…I feel like I'm the definition of insanity. Is this me not wanting to grow up? 

I love cities. I love urban planning. I want to be an urban planner instead of the research analyst for the red-headed stepchild to urban planning. But does that mean I have to finish my urban planning degree…my third Master's degree? Would I be able to break into urban planning with the half of a degree I have now? Would I be able to get a Ph.D. in urban planning? I hate to think that my time in the MBA program was a waste. Really, what options did I have in 2011? I feel like I'm just overthinking myself in circles until I exhaust myself, but I have to realize how much time and money this crazy idea may cost me in the end.

I know this isn't the content you come here for, but sometimes I just need to type it out. I can only go in circles with my loved ones for so long before it's just me repeating the same worries over and over. It's difficult because, in my heart, I know that this is what I want to do, but I can also rationally see how ridiculous it looks to be going back for a third Master's at 27. Just get started with your life already, Sarah.

But what if this is what I need to get out of the blahs I've had about my career over the last year?

PS: If you want to read more about my time in grad school, head on over to this link.

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