three summer drinks


Labor day is just around the corner, but you still have a little time to savor those summer moments. Make one of these easy drinks, go relax by the pool, and enjoy the final moments of summer.

whiskey lemonade
I don't think this drink can get any easier to make. You could use some pre-made lemonade and combine with your favorite whiskey to taste, or you could make your own lemonade concentrate to mix with. Top the drink off with some ice and you're ready to go.

peach moscow mule
Fresh fruit defines summer for me, so I try to use fresh fruit in whatever I can. If you can find peach vodka I'm sure that would work just as well. For one of these, I muddle half of a large peach at the bottom of a glass and top with plain vodka and ginger beer. I'm not sure if I can call it a Moscow Mule without using lime juice, but whatever. The peach and ginger is so amazing together.

elderflower old fashioned
I make a mean old fashioned, but this summer I discovered swapping in elderflower liqueur (like St. Germain) for simple syrup to create a floral taste that goes great with a good bourbon whiskey. Just use the swap in your own old fashioned recipe, adding the liqueur to taste.

One thought on “three summer drinks

  1. I don’t think the weather on my side of the world will allow any more sitting by the pool, but this post sure makes me wish that would be different! I’m especially curious about the whiskey lemonade.. next time I’m at my brothers (who loves whiskey, and probably will have some lemonade lying around) I’ll give it a try! Cheers!


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