let’s talk tacos

Let's talk tacos- easy taco combinations to try

I think the taco is a nearly perfect food. You add some protein, veggies, and fats into a handheld vessel. It's so easy to customize a taco, so everyone can get what they want. I could probably eat tacos every single day and not get sick of them.

I have an arsenal of tried and true taco combinations ready to go at the drop of a hat, and I always have spices on hand to make an impromptu taco seasoning. Toast up some soft tortillas and you'll have dinner (or breakfast, or lunch) on the table in minutes. Looking for inspiration? Try one of the combos below.

breakfast tacos: eggs, chorizo, diced potatoes, bell pepper, salsa, cheese
smoky chicken tacos: ground or shredded chicken, diced poblano pepper, new mexico seasoning, avocado, verde Cholula
balsamic steak tacos: grilled steak marinated in balsamic vinegar, pea shoots, radish, blue cheese crumbles, chimichurri
fish tacos: breaded mahi mahi, cabbage, sriracha cream
verde tacos: shredded chicken, black beans, verde sauce, cheese
lentil tacos: lentils mashed in taco seasoning, cheese, guacamole
short rib tacos: shredded korean bbq short ribs (from the slow cooker), kim chi, sriracha
sweet potato tacos: diced sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onions, garlic, spinach, cheese, avocado

What are some of your favorite taco combinations? Let me know in the comments!

PS: Your regular small business/blogging Wednesday posts will be back in two weeks. Until then, hold yourself over with my blogging and small business archive.

2 thoughts on “let’s talk tacos

  1. I agree that tacos are near perfect foods! I will definitely be trying some of those combos out! My favorite is just a plain chicken, rice, black beans, salsa, and lettuce taco. Simple but delicious every time!


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