some goals for 27

Hello 27

I wanted to take a break from weekend links today (aka I've actually been working and not trolling the internet all week). Instead, I've been thinking a lot about goal setting and how I'm the queen of setting super awesome goals and not following through with any of them (case in point: almost every monthly goal after September 2014 and my goals for 2015).

I think I've learned my lesson. No more crazy, uber-structured things that will consume all of my free time. Instead, my goals should be open-ended and success should be open to my interpretation. It goes against every SMART goal seminar I've sat through at work, but I'm beyond lazy outside of work and school and will get to things on my own time (even if that is 3 years later). It is what it is, and I'm leaning how to work within my own goal-setting constraints.

With that, I have three overarching goals I want to complete in my 27th year:

1. Make a dent in those unread books on my shelf. I'm already doing this, but the time pressure of school won't help in the future. I want to keep going on, getting through one book a month (that Robert Moses bio though…maybe three months).

2. Finish Johnny's scarf. I started this project in March, restarted in June, and now I'm about a quarter through it. I want to finish it eventually, mostly so I don't feel so bad when I jump to another knitting project.

3. Go meatless once a week. Man, I OD'ed on meat during my Whole30. I just get bored of meat sometimes. It's not my preparation or anything. Sometimes I just like the idea of lentil sloppy joes when I don't have anything defrosted and ready to use. I think it's time to swap the paleo cookbooks out and put the vegan ones back in my rotation.

Cooking, crafts, and books…looks like I'm not changing much up for 27.

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