I'm traveling to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho this week for a work conference, so it's break time over at Sunshine and Mint. In fact, I'm somewhere between Tampa and Denver when this goes live today. I'll be back to responding to comments and emails on Friday.

feeling a little overwhelmed with everything going on

wishing that Florida would jump on the fall bandwagon just a little earlier this year

seriously obsessed with the cookbook that Johnny got me for my birthday

reading so many journal articles for school

eating more vegan than not lately. It's a huge swing from my whole30 stuff over the summer.

drinking apple beer + fireball for every football game

enjoying a week away from the office this week

listening to Cool for the Summer on repeat all. damn. day.

hoping that I get some scarf weather in Idaho this week

looking ahead to Friday. Yay day off!

loving apples again. I need some good apple recipes. Any suggestions?

cooking my way through Thug Kitchen this fall

appreciating my free time so much more now

thinking about all of the work I need to get done for school. Seriously, how did I do all of this before?

looking for an easy and fun read for my October book

watching all the college football again

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