I’ll do it tomorrow


Procrastination has always been a major enemy of mine. I’m such a lazy sloth sometimes. After a long day at work all I want to do is melt into the couch and watch the life of Mindy Lahiri unfold in front of me. And I swear my procrastination is worse now than it ever has been. Grad school gave me concrete deadlines, and now I make up the deadlines and can change them as I please. This is how I’m still working on the same scarf from last March. It’s how it took me three months to get out to a park for an hour. It’s how it took me 18 days to write a simple post about a scone. No matter what I do, it’s just so easy to sit down after work and cooking and cleaning up after dinner and say “Whatever,I’lljustdoittomorrow.”

What’s weird is that I don’t procrastinate on household things. I cook almost every night. I clean up right after dinner. I tidy up a little bit night. I clean the bathroom regularly. I never really procrastinate on these things, but when it comes to my hobbies I’ll procrastinate to no end. Maybe I’m just not as passionate about knitting as I am about binge watching Grey’s Anatomy, but I also don’t need to re-watch the tragedies at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for the 20th time. I need to stop procrastinating on hobbies for my own sanity.

Unfortunately, I think I will always battle with procrastination, but I can work a little at a time towards my goals. I can knit ten rows in that scarf while Johnny plays video games. I can write one blog post during my down time between getting home from work and making dinner. I can read one chapter in a book each night before bed. It’s not like I don’t have the time for these simple things. It’s just so hard to will myself to get off the couch and focus on something sometimes.

If I’m going to accomplish anything this year I need to cool it on the tomorrow’s. Tomorrow will catch up to me eventually and I’ll have nothing to show for it.

How do you handle procrastination in your life? What do you tell yourself to get yourself motivated?

4 thoughts on “I’ll do it tomorrow

  1. The funny thing is I am the opposite – I procrastinate on the chores but can’t put down the crafts. After a long day at the zombie job, picking up the needles is pretty much the only way I can de-stress.My trick? I tell myself that if I do x hours of cleaning – or get one thing checked off my list – that I can knit a few rows as a reward.


  2. Have you read Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin? She has an interesting theory about what motivates people. You might read it and maybe get ideas for what you could do to motivate yourself.


  3. I’m with Kelly, it’s the household stuff I procrastinate on, I can do crafts all day and ignore the house! 🙂 I try to remember the great feeling I get when I do get stuff done, and that helps me to get moving a bit faster the next time.


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