around here in april

spring-flowersApril is always a weird transition month around here. Florida is deciding if it wants to be summer or not. Our local produce is transitioning the the “late summer” harvest of peppers and squash before it all ends abruptly in a few weeks. I’m usually in some transition in my professional life. It’s all changing again, but at least it’s all changing in a good way.

Around here…I’m celebrating a raise and a promotion! A year ago I found out about this opportunity, and now I’m here running my own team (of just me, but whatever).

Around here…we’re living in the new Hockeytown USA. The Lightning made the playoffs again, and it’s always a crazy fun time in Tampa when that happens.

Around here…I’m down 15 pounds since starting weight loss in February. I’m not really doing it through Weight Watchers anymore. Instead I’m using my old standby of My Fitness Pal and actually exercising this time. I’m even considering (gasp) a crossfit on-ramp class to see if that may be a good fit for me. I’m still struggling with anxiety with eating away from home and calorie counting, but I’m not getting obsessed like I have in the past.

Around here…I have a great idea for a future book to pursue. I’m still always looking for a way out of my day job and into working for myself, and I’m actually excited enough for this to make some headway on it.

Around here…I just came back from a short visit to Michigan to visit some family (and take a class for work). I’m already plotting out how I can get back up there as a reprieve from the summer heat here.

Around here…I’m appreciating Tampa a little bit more each day and seeing it through a different lens.