you’re back

I knew I missed you more than I’ve ever missed anyone. I knew that I would have a very strong reaction at seeing you again. I knew that all I wanted was to feel your embrace again.

I didn’t know just how much I loved you until you were gone. And now that I know just how much you mean to me, to my life, I never want to lose that. I was completely overwhelmed at my feelings for you, even after such a short time together. I’ve never felt like this before; you bring the best out of me.

I caught a glimpse of you when I got out of the shower this morning. You were cleaning something off the couch, something that I had meant to do for days. You didn’t seemed annoyed that, despite my organization, I’m the absolute worst at actually cleaning. You then came into the bedroom, called me ‘babushka’ with my “hair turban” on, gave me a kiss, and jumped in the shower. A smile crept across my face as I realized, “This. This is it.”

That leap of faith we took three month ago is paying off exponentially. I wouldn’t have us be any other way.

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