starting fresh

I’m a habitual serial blogger. I can’t even remember how many blogs I’ve started and stopped over the years. I didn’t really want to start over again, but after thinking it through this may be the best re-do yet.

When I switched from Typepad to WordPress I lost my pictures that were in posts. No big deal…I had everything super organized and had saved every picture. I could remedy that with a free weekend and some patience. That free weekend never came, and then one day my computer took a huge shit and I had to do a full install of a new OS. Thanks to this incident, I also learned that the last time I had backed up everything was when I switched laptops…in July 2015. Yes, I could fix a good chunk of my old posts, but I started thinking that this is what I needed to finally get out of my blogging rut and start anew. You’ll find some of the old posts, but not all…and I might get around to fixing the pictures, but maybe not.

I kept the Sunshine and Mint name (mainly because I just paid for my domain renewal a month before the laptop crash on 2017), but I’ve decided to stick to mainly personal blogging. My favorite things to write about are life updates and general musings. Food and crafts will definitely make an appearance, but there probably won’t be small business posts or link roundups. I’ve made peace with not turning a blog into a personal business. Trying to keep up with the monetizing game is what turned me off of blogging  last time, so why would I jump back into that? I could also start rambling about how blogging, as a whole, seems to be regressing as a business platform, but I’ll save that for another day.

While I don’t see this turning into the Livejournal rants of 2007-2010, I’m so excited to have a place to ramble on with no expectations. Starting fresh is just the remedy sometimes.

pumpkin thai curry


Every autumn I get into a curry and stew mood. There’s something about the warmth of the spices that fills the void in my soul that is autumn in Florida. If you’re in the same boat, crank down the a/c, throw on a sweater, and make this asap.

pumpkin thai curry
makes 4ish servings

1 pound chicken, cut into cubes
3-4 cloves garlic, minced
1 red onion, diced
1 can full-fat coconut milk
1/2 cup pumpkin puree
2-4 tbsp red curry paste (I like spice and prefer the whole jar, honestly)
1/2 tsp red pepper flakes
salt and pepper, to taste

Optional garnishes:
Roasted cashews

In a large pot, heat up some oil and cook your chicken. When the chicken is nearing done, add the garlic and onion and cook until fragrant. Combine the coconut milk, pumpkin, curry paste, and red pepper flakes with the chicken and simmer until the sauce thickens up to your liking. Salt and pepper to taste. Add garnishes and serve over regular or cauliflower rice.

around here in april

spring-flowersApril is always a weird transition month around here. Florida is deciding if it wants to be summer or not. Our local produce is transitioning the the “late summer” harvest of peppers and squash before it all ends abruptly in a few weeks. I’m usually in some transition in my professional life. It’s all changing again, but at least it’s all changing in a good way.

Around here…I’m celebrating a raise and a promotion! A year ago I found out about this opportunity, and now I’m here running my own team (of just me, but whatever).

Around here…we’re living in the new Hockeytown USA. The Lightning made the playoffs again, and it’s always a crazy fun time in Tampa when that happens.

Around here…I’m down 15 pounds since starting weight loss in February. I’m not really doing it through Weight Watchers anymore. Instead I’m using my old standby of My Fitness Pal and actually exercising this time. I’m even considering (gasp) a crossfit on-ramp class to see if that may be a good fit for me. I’m still struggling with anxiety with eating away from home and calorie counting, but I’m not getting obsessed like I have in the past.

Around here…I have a great idea for a future book to pursue. I’m still always looking for a way out of my day job and into working for myself, and I’m actually excited enough for this to make some headway on it.

Around here…I just came back from a short visit to Michigan to visit some family (and take a class for work). I’m already plotting out how I can get back up there as a reprieve from the summer heat here.

Around here…I’m appreciating Tampa a little bit more each day and seeing it through a different lens.

march monthly goals


Ah, I’m back at the goal setting thing again. What can I say? It’s fun to chase goals, even if I don’t hit them. Speaking of not hitting goals…February was pretty good, but I didn’t read (choosing to knit instead). Eh, I’ll find time for that eventually.

Now to March…

  • Make english muffins. I’ve been slacking on the dough front, and I can really use some fresh english muffins to help fuel my breakfast sandwich obsession.
  • Finish Big Magic. I started this book for my February goal, but then I got sidetracked by my knitting project.
  • Finish that scarf.
  • Get as close to 10,000 steps a day as I can, no matter how I can. It’s just good to get those steps in each day.

What goals do you have for March?

february craft: marbled clay hanging pots


I am so happy that I decided to sign up for The Crafter’s Box when it first launched back in December. I’m being introduced to new crafting techniques that I probably wouldn’t have started on my own. Every month, the exact supplies I need are delivered to my mailbox. I just follow along with an online workshop that’s available at any time and create something beautiful for my house. See my previous post about the Rya wall weaving that we did in January.


February’s craft was using polymer clay to create hanging pots for air plants. Seriously, the air plants were included in this month’s box. The colors are just perfectly organic and gorgeous. And marbling clay wasn’t hard at all. I was worried that I wouldn’t have the skills to do this, but after getting my arm and hand muscles warmed up it all came pretty naturally.  I’m already plotting out possible Mother’s Day gifts using polymer clay.

I’m crazy excited for March’s craft. I believe that the March box has sold out already, but there is a waitlist available. Sign up now at The Crafter’s Box.